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When do I replace my belts and hoses?
A. According to the rubber manufacturer, every belt and hose should be replaced every 30,000 miles. At the least, they should be inspected thoroughly. Some signs of belt fatigue are the development of small cracks across the rib of the belt, fraying and excessive squeal. For hoses, look for softness around the neck areas, or if the hose is too expanded when the vehicle is at operating temperature. You should also inspect the "inside" of the hose. Deterioration and cracks can occur on the inside, creating an unseen problem. In order for you to have piece of mind driving, we recommend following the manufacturer's guidelines for belt and hose replacement. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Why should I use the parking brake?
A. Most people still refer to this as the "emergency brake". It is used for that purpose in the event that you should lose hydraulic brake capability. However, under normal circumstance the parking brake is designed to hold the vehicle in place when the vehicle is in the "park" position. It allows the weight of the vehicle to be displaced or held in check by the rear brake shoes or pads. This in turn takes the pressure off the parking gear inside the transmission. Every time you fail to use the parking brake, all of the vehicle weight will fall on that gear. This can cause premature wear and possible damage to the transmission. It's not a hard habit to get into, once you begin. We tell our customers to imagine lying down with a two ton guerilla on them and asking them to do a push up. Now that would hurt! That's what it is like for your transmission every time you DON'T use your parking brake

When should I have my battery serviced?
A. Your battery should be inspected at every service for corrosion and cable contact. Electricity is very important to newer cars. It is the key to having your vehicle perform at it's peak. We suggest that even when the battery has a life of 60 or 72 months, you should consider replacement before it completely fails. Stretching for that last ounce of energy from your battery is not worth the risk of being stranded. Nothing beats safety!


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